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Default The Regular US Army in 1968

The Regular U.S. Army in April 1968

1st Armored Division Fort Hood, Texas
2nd Armored Division Fort Hood, Texas
3rd Armored Division Frankfurt, West Germany
4th Armored Division Goppingen, West Germany
1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) Camp Evans, South Vietnam
1st Infantry Division Lai Khe, South Vietnam
2nd Infantry Division Tonggu Ri, South Korea
3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) Wurzburg, West Germany
4th Infantry Division Pleiku, South Vietnam
5th Infantry Division (Mechanized)
Fort Carson, Colorado (one brigade in South Vietnam)
6th Infantry Division
Fort Campbell, Kentucky (one brigade in Hawaii)
7th Infantry Division Dopsu-dong, South Korea
8th Infantry Division Bad-Kreuznach, West Germany
9th Infantry Division Bear Cat, South Veitnam
23rd Infantry Division Chu Lai, South Vietnam
24th Infantry Division
Fort Riley, Kansas, (one brigade in West Germany)
25th Infantry Division Cu Chi, South Vietnam
82nd Airborne Division
Fort Bragg, North Carolina, (one brigade in South Vietnam)
101st Airborne Division Hue-Phu Bai, South Vietnam
2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment Nurnberg, West Germany
3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment Baumholder, West Germany
6th Armored Cavalry Regiment Fort Meade, Maryland
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Xuan Loc, South Vietnam
14th Armored Cavalry Regiment Fulda, West Germany
171st Infantry Brigade Fort Wainwright, Alaska
172nd Infantry Brigade Fort Richardson, Alaska
173rd Airborne Brigade Bong Son, South Vietnam
193rd Infantry Brigade Panama Canal Zone
194th Armored Brigade Fort Knox, Kentucky
197th Infantry Brigade Fort Benning, Georgia
199th Infantry Brigade Long Binh, South Vietnam
Berlin Brigade Berlin, West Germany

This Order of Battle is of interest as it shows just how stretched the U.S. Army was at the height of the Vietnam War.

Of its four armored divisions, two were stationed in West Germany with two more under REFORGER.

Of its thirteen infantry divisions, seven were in South Vietnam, two in South Korea, two in West Germany and two in CONUS (one slatted for REFORGER and one as reinforcement for South Vietnam).

Of the two airborne divisions, one was in South Vietnam and one in CONUS (with one brigade in South Vietnam).

Of the five armored cavalry regiments, one was in South Vietnam, three in West Germany and one in CONUS/REFORGER.

One armored brigade was in CONUS, slatted for REFORGER.

One airborne brigade was in South Vietnam

Of the six infantry brigades, one was in West Germany; one in the Panama Canal Zone, two in South Vietnam and two in CONUS.

I have not included the National Guard and Army Reserve units as during this period of time, both were low on manpower and equipment and were not considered to be combat ready without at least 90 days of workup.

sources are the Army Green Book, 1968 and Vietnam Order of Battle by Shelby Stanton
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