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I'm also still working on my end of things! Just looking at more units earlier today from the South Carolina, PA, Louisiana, and Texas NGs.

While the Chieftan didn't enter service until '66 (Challenger I's early 80s) the British Army was tinkering around with turret redesigns for the Centurion that in my version of the timeline saw wartime production. Mentioned them a couple posts back

The "Action X" was just a new turret on a Centurion Mk. 7 while the FV4202 (I called it the Super Centurion or Cohort, inventive) was a conservative evolution of the Centurion design that was later dropped in favor of the design that became the Chieftan circa 1959. Instead, it ends up being produced instead of more Centurions in my T64 timeline.

Action X turret in testing.

FV4202 prototype

I'm glad everyone's still interested! My computer was hors de combat for most of December and January so I'm just getting around to catching up on things. (Also had to write about ten thousand words for a magazine article)
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