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From my limited understanding of copyright law, posting it would probably be a violation subject to a DMCA removal request.

Unless the copyright is released we probably have decades before it can be freely published.

I have allowed a few exceptions to be posted, most notably the Finnish to English translations of T2k material, as there is much smaller number year protection on translations if the original owner is not taking any action to provide their own translations. I have also allowed posting of things like Project Phoenix which was basically given away by its creator.

In reality issues would depend on how aggressively someone protects their property. There are entire websites that are based on copyright infringement (piratebay and scribd spring to mind) where there is too much clutter, or an owner simply thinks it is not worth the effort to have things removed, or the site flagrantly ignore DMCA requests.

You can post snippets or a review. Posting an the ISBN number might allow users to find it via or other sources. But as for posting the entire thing here (or a link to it) would be a legal no-no.

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