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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
I'm also firmly in the "Must own a copy of the Compendium" crowd, again it was one of those books connected to TMP so I just had to get it. Fortunately I found a copy in one of the very few game stores in my town.

Thanks Gelrir for the additional info regarding The Armory Vol 1, unfortunately it seems to have set a precedent because as we know, the Compendium was also Vol 1 in a never completed set.

And thanks also to mmartin798, I didn't know for sure but I was certain there was a time limit to copyright however I had always thought it was in the region of 40-50 years or something like that. I guess it differs based on just what is being copyrighted?

And on the subject of old material, does anyone have the Tri Tac Games CD-ROM of Rogue 417 at all? I ask because it includes the original Morrow Project short story by Robert Sadler. The disc I have has the following details for anyone chasing it up: -
Tri Tac Games CD PDF
Rogue 417 Armageddon Guide
#1050 CD

Description from front cover:
Campaign Setup and Resource Book for Tri Tac & The Morrow Project
Invasion US
The Morrow Project, Robert Sadler's Original Short Story

I'd bought it from Tri Tac about a decade ago because I wanted to read the short story but the other material is worth looking at as well.
It seems they still have it available on their site as pdf only version (although the latest version has a very different cover and seems to have left out Guests, which in their own words is "A really silly alien invasion of the Earth rpg supplement" that was inspired by the V tv series of the 1980s.)
I have it and like the fact it has the option of playing TMP in the 5 year timeline, and the salvage tables.
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