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Question Battlefield Promotions

After the TDM, the number of academy and ROTC grads and "90 Day Wonders" making their way to Europe would slow to a relative trickle. Meanwhile, casualties amongst junior officers already in theater would be pretty high. There simply wouldn't be adequate numbers of new officers to keep up with losses. The difference, then, would need to be made up of soldiers who'd received battlefield commisions, no?

How would this work? At what level (Division, Brigade/Regiment, Battalion, Company) would the decision be made? Would a seniority system develop? -i.e. the unit's senior NCO would receive the officership, the next highest ranking NCO would take the senior NCO's slot, etc.

I'm just wondering what percentage of lieutenants in 2000 would be academy/ROTC/OCS grads and what percentage would be former NCOs and enlisted.
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