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Nice analysis, Web. Thanks.

As per Leg's suggestion, I took a look at the TOE for the 8th MID as presented in the EESB. I know that a lot of folks don't like the EESB (some don't even consider it v1.0 canon) but it does gives some hints as to how a US division, c. 2000, might be organized.

The 8th divisions' given strength prior to jumping off on its attack into Latvia is 1000 men. The 8th is organized thusly:

An HQ company (including division motor pool and supply)
1 recon platoon
1 armor company (heavy)
1 weapons company (including divisional artillery)
5 infantry companies

So, the company is still there, and that means, presumably, the idea and practice of the platoon* still exists as well. However, no mention is made of regiments or battalions. The latter's still a possiblilty given the number of infantry companies but the former is pretty much right out the window. There are not enough assets in the division for more than one regiment. I wonder which regimental number/history they kept or it they got rid of it altogether.

*The "heavy" armored company is listed as consisting of four platoons of 3-4 tanks each.

As to rank, the commander of the 8th is a general. A Lt. Col. commands the armor company and a major commands one of the infantry companies.

The 6th ID (2000 men and 8 tanks), also profiled in the EESB (albeit in less detail) is listed as commanded by a Colonel.

So, I guess almost anything goes.
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