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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
I'm not sure that would work. There are a couple of reasons. First off, the 173 BCT is a much smaller unit than V Corps and it already has an organic LRRP company. Second, for a smaller parent unit, my inter-allied commando (in Kenya) would need to be much smaller- probably platoon strength. And lastly, there are fewer nationalities present in Kenya and I'm not sure how far the PMC personnel angle could realistically go. I could see UK and French personnel (in addition to Americans and Kenyans) but beyond that, I'd have to come up with some pretty convoluted backstories.
Sorry - I was really meaning a long range recon unit operating like a modern version of the LRDG, not necessarily one that was multi national in composition.

I think it could be an interesting set up in Kenya, though most of the LRDG actually did would actually be quite dull for a RPG. "Road Watch" would be a little repetitive!
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