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Originally Posted by pmulcahy11b View Post
Go to my site ( and look particularly under Russian Tanks. I think I did a decent job with systems like Drozd and Arena.

As for ERA, they're in the v2 and V2.2 rules, as well as in the V1 Soviet Vehicle Guide if you need a v1 version of ERA. You might also go to my site, look on the PDF downloads page, and (hope you have a high-speed connection) download Wapahani's (TR's) site. He had some good rules on more modern ERA systems.

Paul, did I fail to mention you've got one of the most useful info sites for the casual reader out on the Web other than Jane's? And we all know how damned pricey Jane's subscriptions can be...well, for me anyway at the moment.

I've always wondered a bit about ERA though. It seems that it can cause some unfortunate issues for infantry if they happen to be working in close proximity with tanks when those ERA panels blow off...

Also I read of one tactic that guerillas used in Chechnya to defeat tanks utilizing ERA: Have a team with two RPG gunners tasked to take out a vehicle with ERA. The first gunner uses his RPG to blow off one or two ERA panels, and the second RPG gunner uses his RPG to hit the same area where the ERA panels were. It takes some time and good coordination, not to mention skill, and getting within a fair distance of the vehicles (which unfortunatley isnt' hard in urban terrain) but unfortunately for the Russians, it seemed to work rather well.
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