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Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
During my recent work on the 2nd Marines, I've grown to believe the HQ wasn't located in Malbork originally but moved there after the Marines withdrew from the area - there's just too much risk for them of the marines staging a raid from their positions just a dozen miles or so away when they've only got some cavalry as protection. They could have started out there, but on hearing of the Marine landing, it would seem logical for them to move away until the area became safe again.
As for the marines themselves, how tempting a target would the Baltic Front HQ be!?
Right. But chances are good that the HQ was there before III German army's offensive. Malbork is a great location for a major HQ- there's the castle, of course, decent lines of communications (by road and by river/canal), it's not too close to the front lines yet it's not too far from Gdansk, Elblag, and Kaliningrad, and its far enough from the coast not to have to worry about naval gunfire or frogmen raiders.

Maybe they packed up and moved when the Marines showed up. Maybe they were counting on units from a different Soviet Army to show up and save the day (they must have known about the planned Soviet summer offensive/counteroffensive). Maybe they thought the Polish 19th CD could provide enough security until stronger forces arrived.

To me it's moot. All of the canon maps show it there and my raid takes place right before German III Army/U.S. XI Corps launches it's offensive.
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