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My Kenya scenario, while with bigger forces than Raellus has in his scenario, follows seperate commando commands with the US, Kenyans and British having seperate forces.

However that is an area with a clear chain of command and intact militaries still there.

Europe is different and I love the the idea of a mixed Commando force being formed from Special Forces men who either wanted to stay because the war is not over or who have ties to the area. And there is a canon precedent - i.e. the Royal Guards Brigade in Norway which is composed of US, British and other forces that stayed behind including Special Forces (mentioned in both the NATO vehicle guide and the Boomer module)

However there is another opportunity in Kenya which could be a mixed mercenary unit - i.e. a group of men from various countries who form their own unit that is available for hire. You could have a mix of a lot of groups that way - and even some very unsavory characters
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