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Originally Posted by Abbott Shaull
I really don't think as many National Guard Divisional HQs, would of made it to Germany. Anything the members of these HQs would be sent as specialist replacements to Divisional HQs that were already on the ground.
I did not mean divisional HQ. I meant that in general other that where people might have been stationed for a couple years, regular army brigades would from a gaming perspective be interchangeable. I don't think 1st brigade 5th Mechanized would culturally be different 3rd Brigade 1st Armored. 256th Mechanized Brigade Might have a recognizable cultural characteristic as up to 35% of it's remaining personnel (assuming lots of causality replacements) would be from Louisiana.

I do feel a majority of late reinforcements to Europe would be from the East cost also effecting the culture of American units..

Originally Posted by Abbott Shaull
As for re-flagging units, I don't really see this. Once you re-flag unit you take away any battle honor the unit may have won, and give them others they may not be due.
Brigades are so small at this point (post nukes) I feel that the Divisional history might supersede the Brigade's.

I agree with most of your other points. I think the DC groups realization, that GDW had a Vietnam based perspective on deployments, is accurate. That effected much of how they wrote their unit histories.
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