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I have been giving some thoughts on a good size city, something not in the KFS area, but somewhere 'off' the beaten path. I found a site to use, and have some of the basics worked out using the 4th edition rules, the area: Burlington, Iowa. Why there? It was in area where nuke went off (the Army Ammunition Depot), and the nuke took out the Depot and parts of Burlington but looking at Google maps, the Depot is some 8 miles from greater Burlington, and using the computations for air burst device, most of west Burlington would be taken out with the northern part surviving because of rolling terrain. I also have speculated that the Mississippi River would have shifted its current flow a bit east because of increased water flow, taking out some of the eastern bank through undermining the bank. To make matters a bit more interesting, I have a bridge intact at Fort Madison crossing the Mississippi into present day Illinois (this bridge is a twin level bridge, the top for vehicles and the bottom for rail traffic. I thought it would be cool location to use,
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