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Oddball coincidence today, after reading this last night, I was introduced to one of my father's model-railroad friends. He had been a USAF pilot, flying F-86, F-100, and in the 3rd class to transition to A-7, what in the 355th TFW at Davis-Monathan, I think he said. That /nearly/ prompted me to blurt out, "Oh, I think I just read something about that wing!" But, I held my tongue long enough to realize I'd seen that number here. And you're using the 335th number, anyway.

Instead, we got him to tell some stories about flying F-100s over the Ho Chi Minh Trail and South Vietnam.

He liked the A-7, but said when the A-10 came along, the AF wanted to buy some of each and Congress forced a fly-off. He read the conditions set, and it was clear what bird was going to win the "competition."

Sidebar: you've got me wanting to drag out some boardgames now. Have you played GDW's Air Strike/Air Superiority series, or GMT's Downtown?
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