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Default Thread necromancy again!

So, my brain was wandering again the other night, as I sometimes come back to T2k and initiative systems. I suspect if I played more often than once a year, I'd get to like the rules more than I already do, but....

The above is a quick way to determine initiative in a combat round: the player whose turn it is picks the next one to go, PC or NPC. I wonder about mixing it with v1 or v2 initiative. Say, in v1, someone has 3 hesitations and 3 actions in a turn. Give them 3 chances to act across the turn. Want to do all 3 of yours in a row? Great, but you're giving up any chance at a later action. Want to waitt & see what the enemy's up to? OK. Tracking it might be nightmarish, but I may fall back on using poker chips again-- everyone (or group of NPCs) gets a set of chips, which they toss in when they take their action(s) for each round. This adaptation is completely half-baked and untested.

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