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In the Vietnam War, "gun trucks" modified with armor used a kit with 3/8" thick (9.5 mm) hardened steel (not mild steel). Armor class is thus at least 15.

In the 1980s Roscommon Equipment got a contract to build "protective" cab tops for the existing (pre-FMTV) Army cargo trucks; the panels used were 11 gauge steel. These weren't meant for bullet protection, but rather overhead protection from falling tree limbs, rocks, etc. (since a lot of those trucks had only canvas cab roofs). It's not clear from the contracts if the rest of the "existing" cabs were also 11 gauge. In any case, 11 gauge = 0.32 mm, about armor class 3 or 4 (Third Edition doesn't seem to take differences between hardened vs. mild steel into account).

I'd say the "older" military trucks have 3 points of armor in the cab and hood (with of course no overhead crew armor for trucks with a canvas top).

Michael B.
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