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Originally Posted by ChalkLine View Post
Not specifically. Again, I think this is due to it being a current, customizable system.

For the Plasan composite, they say it "provide lightweight, cost effective protection against all levels of ballistic threats, up to STANAG levels 5 and 6, as well as against fragmentation and spalls." More than likely, this composite includes Plasan's SMART (Super Multi-hit Armor Technology) armor is a ceramic, metal, with or without a third layer of fabric composite. The confined ceramic matrix segments are sized and shaped to offer optimum ballistic performance. This unique confined structure allows freedom for the armor designer to protect complex flat or curved shapes, offering optimal ballistic protection.

For the LMTVs, it refers back to LTAS compliance where the A-kit (aka A-cab) seems to provide at least STANAG 1 and the B-kits have varying levels of protection but I haven't found any details.
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