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At least as of 2010 the actual armor performance was classified; this report ...

... does mention in one un-redacted drawing some 0.25" thick armor, backed with about an inch of spall liner. The armor is welded; I assume it's steel (rather than aluminum) ... though one un-chosen option was far too expensive and not available in sufficient quantities -- titanium perhaps? This is all for a "replacement" cab, rather than the bolt-on "additional/applique" armor packages.

Anyhow, 0.635 cm of steel is at least 8 points of armor (by TM 1-1 Third Edition). The spall liner doesn't do much to directly stop projectile penetration, but instead keeps chunks of broken armor from injuring the crew and damaging the vehicle.

An interesting conundrum: even the U.S. Defense Department had trouble making these armor kits fast enough during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Imagine the Army's problems if the Morrow Project is buying all the armor kits!

Michael B.
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