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Default GenCon 2019

Hi all,

I used to be obsessed with Twilight:2000 back in the early 90s and haven't played since maybe 96 or 97 (Louisville, KY resident here). I don't get in as much gaming now that I'm an 'adult' (grumble), but I'm going to be attending GenCon this year and didn't see any T2K events. That got me scouring the internet for any communities and I stumbled on this forum yesterday. Nice to see the community has banded together somewhat

I was basically starting a thread here to see if anyone was going and if anyone had any interest in coordinating a pickup game or something? I might try to run a 1st edition pickup game over that few days one evening, but it's been a long time and re-familiarizing myself with the rules and trying to run a game as a virtual newbie may be too much. Maybe this thread could be a signal fire in the distance to rally Twilight:2000 fans who may be attending GenCon.

Full disclosure, if this seems familiar, I posted the same thing on a Facebook page and on a MeWe page as well.

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