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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
If you think that the remains of the Bundeswehr would have the strength c.2001 to fight a two-front war (v. France in the west, and v. Polish & Soviet forces in the east), then roll with that. I respectfully disagree. I think your assessment of comparative strengths is off by a pretty wide margin. I don't know if it's still viewable, but if so, please take a look at the Winter 2000-2001 unit map of Europe that I created, based on Going Home.

Even discounting Soviet units that fall into the following categories:

* loyal, but unwilling to take offensive action
** no longer accepting orders from Pact
*** no longer accepting orders from higher headquarters
**** loyal to the Polish Free Congress
***** Ceased to exist as coherent unit

... there are still a lot of foreign military units that would stand in the way of German offensive action into western Poland. By a quick count, there are 17 German divisions and 24 Soviet. If you throw in pro-Communist Polish and Czech divisions, the disparity is even greater. I reckon that, at the very least, PFC units would not cooperate with German territorial grabs in the east. In fact, I tend to think that they would actively resist said, adding more opposing divisions to the equation.

Keep in mind that this map does not show French-Belgian-Dutch forces occupying German territory. And I discounting the active assistance of American and British units left behind post-OMEGA. IIRC, the Brits are trying to go home themselves, and I can't think of a compelling reason that the Americans would help the Germans forcefully annex Polish territory.

And we haven't even touched on internal security issues within German-controlled territory. Of the top of my head, I recall several mentions in Going Home of marauder units (German and American), petty warlords, and such operating on German soil. The German military is going to have its hands for several months or maybe even years simply trying to pacify and reestablish central gov't control of its own territory.

If you still think that Germany could/would re-invade western Poland whilst either ceding pre-war territory to France and/or fighting the French in the west, then good for you. I don't begrudge your opposing views, nor should you care if I did. The beauty of the T2KU is that it is what the individual GM wants to make it.

This not a case of the Germans invading Poland as they are already in Poland, and they are in Northern Poland were the German action is.

From NATO Vehicle Guide 1 and NATO Combat Vehicle Handbook 2 for German divisions in 2000

29th Panzer Division (3,000 troops, 24 Leopard 2): Northern Poland
6th Panzergrenadier Division (2,000 troops, 12 Leopard 2): Northern Poland
21st Panzergrenadier Division (1,600 troops, 5 Leopard 2): Northern Poland

Also in East Germany.

27th Panzer Division (5,000 troops, 12 Leopard 2): Beeskow, East Germany
2nd Panzergrenadier Division (6,000 troops, 5 Leopard 2): Leipzig, East Germany
4th Panzergrenadier Division (3,000 troops, 14 Leopard 2): Plauen, East Germany
28th Panzergrenadier Division (1,500 troops, 10 Leopard 2): Zwickau, East Germany
211th Panzergrenadier Division (5,000 troops, 6 Leopard 2): Altenburg, East Germany

Also from NATO Vehicle Guide 1 all independent battalions and regiments units assigned to III German Corps, most of VI German Corps, and half of II German Corps in East Germany and Northern Poland

And from Going Home

Ex-Soviet 94th Cavalry Division (800 troops): Beeskow, East Germany

And GDW did miss a lot of German units which are likely to exist in T2K
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