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Originally Posted by Vespers War View Post
It's hard to forget about things when I don't know about them in the first place. (Although I was vaguely aware of TUSK since I was lightly involved in one of the RWS proposals back in the day)

Looking up the TUSK, it appears there are two layers of ERA, a base layer of M19 blocks (ARAT-1) that can have a second layer of M32 blocks added (ARAT-2). I can't find estimates for the full system, but ARAT-1 would add AV 110 vs. HEAT only.
The TUSK kits also include SLAT armor or BAE's newer LROD bolt-on armor that provides standoff protection for HEAT and Tandem Warhead rounds. The Polish have it in the KTO Rosamak system and the Israelis have this cool new version made of lengths of chain stood off from the vehicle hull 4" and held in place by a spring or flexible rod that runs horizontally through the chains near their ends to keep them from swinging freely. The Germans have that bolt-on armor that goes on the front of newer Leopard tanks (giving them that "angular" look). I'm not sure if the armored upgrade for the AAVP-7 is BAE's LROD or another armor type. I do know it's aluminum "angle iron" backed with foam to maintain buoyancy. The triangular "angle iron" being aligned horizontally along the hull in line with the vehicle's nose to promote water flow along the hull while "swimming."
The composite nature of bolt-on armors is carried through to US armored cars. If you look into a smaller Cash-In-Transit van you will see aluminum or mild steel plates welded or riveted to the standard outer car body. between these layers is either 2" of cork or foam. The combination of these THREE materials will stop ALL handgun rounds and, in some cases, even reach NIJ Level 3 (rifle) specifications. The van will still look "stock" and have almost the same interior space as well.
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