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Thank you!

The Game is a virtual Table Top Game so there are 6 "Real" Players playing the game. I just run it.

A am very lucky that I have a talented group of players that like writing up what happens in the games (I give them extra XP). Its a great way to keep track of what is going on for campaign.

Yes there are more and more active teams in Southern California as the Command Group becomes Active. The Command group has about 10 teams with a total of 110 people. If you think about the 20 million people in Southern California Pre - War, 110 people is nothing.

As a GM its easy as most teams have things to do and so will never meet the players. About 50% of the Teams are support so they rebuild bridges, power plants, schools, ect. At this stage of the project, there just good "Buzz" for the players to allow for them to know things are going on. Only 30% of the Morrow Project are Recon or Combat, so in reality its pretty easy to handle the other teams.

I really wanted a different campaign, one that the project is in a limited state of active awakening. The Command Group 2 was always only supposed to be a Support for the Larger Command Group 1 and 3. It is light on Combat and Recon Teams, so it finds itself vastly understaffed for its role.

But That has never stopped the MP. It will push on and do its job to rebuild the US. Or it will die trying.

At least that the idea....

Thanks Again.

Next up for the Team. A Rescue of the Science One at UCI from a Battalion of Mexican Army Troops.
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