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Originally Posted by .45cultist View Post
Does anyone know the basic load for LE's issued an AR? Should I base it on the old military 7 mag basis(1 in the weapon, 6 in 2 pouches)?
Depends upon the LE........ My friend is a deputy..... When the rifle comes out there is one in the well and a second attached with a magazine coupler. 56 rounds on board.

Another is a city cop....... The first thing he gets out is shotgun 6+1 and 4 in a shot saddle.

Most LEs don't have load bearing equipment as patrol officers; so they are not carrying reloads for a long arm on their person.

A tactical bag, like a gym bag or a rifle case with mag pouches.

So basic load can be two, three, four, six, seven, 12, 20..... Every agency is different.

That also depends on if there is a long arm at all........ Some still do not issue anything but a shotgun, then only to supervisors.
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