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Originally Posted by LT. Ox View Post
Fort Sill alumni.
If it was not nuked then old, new and in between would have been located at the school. Mixed types of rounds including experimental for testing.
From airmobile and towed to all self -propelled types.
The school also had air ops units for training new Officers Etc. I have no doubt that enough experience existed there to train FOs to use the “old” methods of map reading and adjusting fire that even EMP would not keep them from accomplishing their mission of delivering fire on target.
Trained there in 1988. Did an introductory 2 week course on Fire Direction/Forward Observation there through ROTC in 91. They were still teaching the "old school" method even after standardizing on the Paladin HIP in 1988. Did my Special Weapons at Hood and they were pretty heavy into alternate fire direction because of the risk EMP would disable your BCS.
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