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Originally Posted by therantingsavant View Post
@Cynic - I haven't looked at other staff animals as was concentrating on the Polish setting but yes take and water buffalo are similar enough to oxen when I've researched them for other RPGs sure.

Camels are very different.

Still have to think about hounds both as companion animals and also for pack purposes, not so sure about sleds.

Need to check the Kenyan sourcebook. [emoji848]

Thanks for the feedback.

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Here you go - from the sourcebook that was published two years ago

1st Kenyan Mounted Cavalry Regiment - Lodwar
· Manpower: 210 men
· Artillery: two 81mm mortars

The Regiment was organized in 1998, starting with a cadre of fifty horsemen and two hundred horses that had been used previously for horse safari tours, organized by a retired veteran of the Household Mounted Cavalry Regiment of the British Army who immigrated to Kenya in 1988 after twenty years’ service. Its personnel are all trained horsemen and women, drawn mostly from the white population of Kenya who owned most of the horses in the country pre-war.

The regiment consists of a headquarters squadron, three cavalry squadrons, and a horse drawn heavy weapons squadron. It is modeled on the British Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, with each cavalry squadron, at full strength, consisting of two divisions, each of one officer and twenty four enlisted personnel, while the headquarters squadron consists of only one division. In addition, it is supported by a training squadron of one officer and thirty six enlisted men.

The HQ and Cavalry squadrons of the Regiment are armed with 9mm Browning pistols and G3 rifles, while the heavy weapons squadron is armed with the Sterling MkIV instead of the G3. In addition, each cavalry division has a Bren light machine gun (instead of the G3) and two M79 grenade launchers. The heavy weapons squadron has two M2HB machine guns, two 81mm mortars and two RPG-7 launchers with three missiles each. The Regiment fights as dragoons, using the horses for transport only.
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