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OK, it's been a while since I let you guys know what I've been doing, so...

01 Aug 09
In Russian Tanks, the Kharkiv T-34 and the Kirov IS series have been totally rewritten and updated.
The Black Eagle Tank has been moved to Best Tanks that Never Were and has been updated and rewritten.
In Belgian Bolt-Action Sporting Rifles, the Browning A-Bolt II has been updated. The Browning T-Bolt and Browning X-Bolt have been added.

24 Jul 09
In Polish Tanks, the Bumar Labedy PT-91 Twardy has been rewritten and updated.
In Romanian Tanks, the Arsenalul Armatei TM-800, TR-85, and TR-580 have been rewritten and updated.
In Medium-Caliber Small Arms Rounds, the 9.3x66mm Sako, .300 Pegasus, and .338 Federal rounds have been added. The .30-40 Krag has been updated.
In German Pistols N-Z, the Walther SP-22 has been added.
In Turkish Pistols, the TISAS Zigana has been updated and the TISAS ZIG M/1911 has been added.
In US Pistols D-F, the Dornaus & Dixon Bren Ten has been updated.
In Brazilian Revolvers - Taurus, the Model 41 has been added to the Taurus Raging Bull series. The Model 85 has also been updated.
In US Revolvers - Charter Arms & Charles Daly, the Charter Arms Pathfinder has been updated.
In US Revolvers Db-F, the Freedom Arms Casull Model 83 Field Grade and Model 97 Premier Grade have been updated.
In US Revolvers - Ruger, the Ruger Redhwak has been updated.
In US Revolvers - Smith & Wesson 61-450, the Smith & Wesson Model 63 Stainless has been updated.
US Revolvers T-Z has been renamed US Revolvers S-Z, and the STI Texican added there.
In Czech Submachineguns, the Omnipol VZ-61 Skorpion has been updated.
A correction to the Charlton Machinegun entry has been made in Best Battle Rifles That Never Were.

05 Jul 09
In Jordanian Tanks, the Tariq has been re-written.
In Pakistani Tanks, the HIT Al-Khalid, HIT Al-Zarrar, and HIT Type 59MII have been rewritten. The modified M-48A5 has been removed; it's just an M-48A5 with ERA lugs, a PKT coaxial, and an NSVT for a commander's machinegun.
In Medium-Caliber Small Arms Rounds, the 7.62mm Howa and .300 Remington Short-Action UltraMag rounds have been added, and the 7.62mm Nagant round has been updated.
In Brazilian Pistols, the Taurus PT-24/7 has been updated (a minor nomenclature change). The Taurus PT-1911 has also been updated. The Taurus PT-800 Series has been added.
In Turkish Pistols, the Sarsilmaz Gune has been updated. The Sarsilmaz CM-9 and the K-2 have been added.
In Swiss Pistols, the SiG-Sauer P-250 has been updated. Well, OK, updated a lot.
In US Pistols L, the Les Baer HC-40 has been added.
In US Pistols M-Q, the Nighthawk Custom Lady Hawk and Olympic Arms 1911 Pistols has been added.
In US Pistols R, the Rohrbaugh R9 has been updated, and the Ruger LCP has been added.
In US Pistols - Smith & Wesson, the Smith & Wesson M&P has been updated.
In US Pistols St-Sz, the STI Rogue and STI SteelMaster have been added. The STI V.I.P. has been updated.
In Austrian Semiautomatic Sporting Rifles, the MSAR STG-556 has been moved here instead of being a part of the Steyr AUG entry in Austrian Assault Rifles.
In US Semiautomatic Sporting Rifles J-M, the Military Precision SSR-40 has been added.

21 Jun 09
The Mexican_Army_Sourcebook has been added to Anders Larsson's page.
In Japanese Tanks, The Type 61, Type 74, and Type 90 have been re-written and updated.
In Small-Caliber Small Arms Rounds, 6x47mm Lapua and .20 VarTarg have been added.
In US Assault Rifles A-C, the Barrett M-468 has been updated to include the REC-7.
In Austrian Pistols, Glock .45 ACP Pistols has been updated with the Glock 30SF.
In US Pistols A, the Auto-Ordnance TA-5 has been added.
In US Pistols K, the Kimber Limited Edition Series has been added.
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