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In Russian Grenade Launchers, the KBI GM-94, TSKIB SOO GP-25/30, and the TSKIB SOO 6G-30 (replacing the RG-6 entry) have been updated.

In Russian Machineguns, the Kalashnikov PK entry has been updated; I learned of a new variant of the PK series, the AEK-999 Barusk -- it even has a sort of silencer! The Kovrov KORD was updated (I found out they are now offering it on the export market in .50 BMG), and the Molot NSV was updated in general.

In Czech Pistols, the CZ-45 Tomiska was updated -- primarily a nomenclature and history update.

In US Revolvers - Smith & Wesson 451-630, the Model 460460XVR was updated to account for the plethora of barrel lengths that were or are still offered, and because it can also fire .454 Casull and .45 Long Colt.

And -- in British Tanks, the Challenger was totally re-done.
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