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Originally Posted by Targan View Post
It sounds like a great idea. Big job though. Has any thought been given to perhaps adapting all or part of the old T2K air combat rules? Admittedly they are themselves just an adaption of the 1st ed vehicle rules.
I was thinking of adapting the 2nd edition rules for the 2013, but they would require some modification, for an example for V/VSTOL aircrafts like Harrier or Osprey as well as adding a huge selection of real world weaponry in to the mix.

And of course this would pave the way for something I've been pondering about ever since I played Deus Ex - were not very far from actual cybernetic enhancements. Rather, there's already some things like iLimb that could be counted as primitive cybernetics, and I've planned on creating a set of rules for them as well.
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