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Originally Posted by Odie View Post
Ok I bought a copy of 2013. Just a quick scan through it..... I am very impressed. Lots of detail.... I love lots of detail. The career paths are fantastic and have some that I thought were missing. Going to dive deeper tonight but this might just be my favorite version.
Yes, the amount of detail you can give to your characters with 2013 is awesome. All we need is people expanding those details in every possible direction and we have a very flexible system in our hands.

For playing PBeM campaigns, though, there is one downside at the moment. So far, I have not been able to conjure up a way to do battles without excessive amount of effort, though it might be my inexperience with the system that hampers the action a bit - I have not had the chance to play TW2013 as PnP so far, with my RP buddies living about 700km from me nowadays and I being too busy and too lazy to actively find a new group.
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