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I've created a table for Air-to-Surface and Surface-to-Air ranges, though it would seem, the iPad doesn't allow me to attach it to the message. I'll post it from my tabletop in the morning, but before I do that, I'll give you the altitude bands that turn the air combat in to 3D.

At the bottom, we have Nap-of-Earth from 1 to 25 meters, followed by Very Low (25-100), Low (100-500), Medium (500-1200), High (1200-5000), Very High (5000-12000) and Extreme (12000-20000). The table essentially cross references the altitude and horisontal range for actual firing range. No, I did not use 3D-heometry for calculating the exact ranges, but if someone wants to do that, be my guest.

Comments are welcome, especially after the table has been posted.
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