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So, here's the basic ruleset for air combat, though it is still preliminary and requires comments.

There are three alternatives to how air combat is initiated. At the maximum detection range of either party involved, the one with longer maximum detection range makes the first attempt to detect the enemy by using any sensors available (Computing for radar systems, Awareness for Mk.1 Eyeball with bonuses from high-tech equipment). If the detection is not successful, the opponents will close in making detection rolls until either one successfully detects the other one.

If successful, he will gain the upper hand and can choose whether to close in, evade or, if equipped with suitable weapons for that range, make a stand-off attack. This requires achieving a lock on the intended target, a function of Gunnery. If the weapon in question is a guided weapon, it will require the Guided-qualification.

If no stand-off attack is made, a normal exchange of fire begins and the involved parties start to keep track on Advantage points, very much similar to the Control, used with Grappling attacks in hand-to-hand combat. Both parties make Pilot-checks to gain points and the one with more points is considered having the upper hand.

To initiate the Advantage, one must Engage. An Aviation-check is made and the Engaging party receives Advantage Points equal to the margin of success. A zero means, no advantage is gained.

Increasing Advantage (minimum Advantage 1) is the function of Aviation-skill with appropriate qualification (most likely Performance, if flying a fighter). The margin of success is added to the Advantage Points.

Tailing (minimum Advantage 2) requires an Aviation-check, receiving half the current Advantage as bonus to the roll. If successful, the target receives half the margin of success of threat conditions.

Attack (minimum Advantage 4) is maneuvering in to a suitable angle of attack from which to fire at the enemy with a suitable weapon. An Aviation roll is made, adding the current Advantage as a bonus to the skill check. If successful, the Attacker gets to fire one forward firing weapon at the Defender with a suitable weapon check.

Escape is maneuvering to evade the enemy and to get out of his field of fire. A contested Aviation roll is made, adding the current Advantage as a bonus (if any). The enemy loses Advantage points equal to the margin of success.
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