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Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
Simply by telling the low initiative character what to do in simple and quick terms and perhaps slapping them over the back of the head when they don't move fast enough.

Basically, if the low initiative character is willing to do EXACTLY what they're told without thinking about it, then I'd allow them to act quicker than normal. Once they're unable to receive immediate commands, their own Initiative kicks back in (they have to start thinking and acting for themselves again).

The penalty for the high initiative character is they can't fire their own weapon, speak on the radio, etc while directing the other character. They could however aim, observe for targets, or similar activities while talking.

Note that I'd only allow this if both were part of the same gun/vehicle crew or No1 machinegunner/AGL operator and their assistant. This bonus would not apply to individual actions such as moving, taking cover or firing a personal weapon.

This doesn't work very well for 2.2 though as there's only a second or two difference between an Initiative 6 and Initiative 1 character acting/reacting - just not enough time to give and receive commands.
It also wouldn't apply to somebody who's suffered Initiative penalties due to wounds.
OK I see, but it would work well enough for my house rule where characters got 1 action per 6 turns (phase) plus an extra action for every Init 4 or greater (which is kind of like saying there are 12 turns in a phase and the default position for Initiative 3 or below is 6 hesitations and less hesitations for 4+).
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