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French Tanks: The GIAT Leclerc has been rewritten.

German Tanks: The Leopard 1 and 2 have been rewritten.

Best Tanks that Never Were: The AMX-40 was rewritten and moved here. Other tanks were removed.

Pistol Rounds: .41 Short Colt was updated; 12.3mm UDAR, 12.5mm DOG, .41 Long Colt, .44 Smith & Wesson American, .224 Harvey Kay-Chuk, .445 SuperMag, .500 Maximum, and .500 Wyoming Express were added.

Bolt-Action Sporting Rifles: The Smith & Wesson I-Bolt was added.

Lever-Action Rifles: The Mossberg 464 was added.

Chinese Grenade Launchers: The separate launcher entries were unified into one, and the QLB-06 was added to that entry as well.

Romanian Grenade Launchers: The AGA-40 was updated to include its export version.

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