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And I finally popped into my web editor and put up a few more tidbits and changed one of the pictures and a few other changes under the hood.

Two updated orbats: the Pact overall (at Front/Army/Division level, the regimental and battalion level needs a little more cleaning up but is 95% there!) and the Iranians, both the Army and the Pasdaran.

And two new orbats: the Bulgarian People's Army and the Romanian Army. Both have some mobilization-only units that have never been seen in English! (And, unfortunately, some mobilization-only units that I was forced to use historical unit IDs on due to a complete lack of any information online in any language...).

And the Korean theater should be ready soon. I'm working out one issue with the ROK, and am only part way on the NKPA (which is a nightmare in itself!)
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