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Originally Posted by kato13 View Post
While those are fantastic from a management perspective, that type of code could be a hindrance from a security perspective. Lets say the KFS secret police finds the cache for KY-R-11. They then know that there are at least 10 other Recon teams within their state borders. It gets worse if the teams are placed in some type of order. (north to south/east to west, or clockwise or such)
The only problem is that the KFS didn't exist when the project came into being... And being the bastard child of a group of industralists the nomenclature would be simple and easy to understand... i had contemplated dividing each state into numbered districts and the number in the team ID was coresponded with the district the team 'embedded' when placed in cryo... but then you could then end up with more than one team of the same speciality ending up with the same number. So i came up with something that would have a unique ID number.

The number could be the order that the team had been emplaced in a combined operation group (example 01 could have be the Command and Control Team, while 09 could have been the first recon team).
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