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Default Aircraft rules

As far as i know, there are 3 different sources for air, air to ground and ground to air rules.

There is a challenge article.

The air and aviation source book.

And hele rules in Free City of Krakow.

Does anyone think one set is better than the other? Personally i am leaning towards the challenge article. It just seems more consistent with how it deals with the things. But i cant help thinking the air and avaiation rules should be best since that whole source book was put together with exactly this kind of thing in mind.

I'm interested in this kind of thing because i use a merc type setting more than t2k,

Gerald Seymours In Honour Bound is one of the best books i have read re helecopter warefare. In the book, a guy with a bunch of Redeyes takes on Russian Hinds in Afgahnastan.
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