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I never got to run the game but one vehicle I was definitely going to include was the Tangram TILOS. A vehicle designed around a Unimog 1700 truck with a large 3-axle trailer. Both the main vehicle and the trailer could be tailored to the user's needs. Examples of potential use included civil protection unit, mobile police station, rescue unit vehicle, mobile doctors surgery and mobile health unit.

Sadly, the company doesn't seem to have survived into the 2010s and the website is now only found on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (and you'll need Flash to view the pages - but the image gallery still works!)

Ambulance vehicle and trailer mounted medical unit

While the specifications listed on that page are for the civilian ambulance version, there was also an armoured variant offered for military use although I don't know of any nations that bought it. It's listed in one of the Janes armoured vehicles yearbooks but I'd have to search them to find which one. However I vaguely recall that it was meant to offer protection from artillery fragments and .50cal projectiles.

EDIT: Some clarification on the subject - the company Maritime Access Corp. does still exist, it seems they dropped TILOS from their offerings sometime in the early 2000s but I seem to recall that Tangram was the original company and Maritime Access bought up their IP when they closed up shop (or something like that) because I think the TILOS project was began in the 1980s and didn't get enough orders for the company to survive

Also, I did intend to use this as a team vehicle, but I was intending it for science, medical and support teams

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