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Thanks all definitely food for thought as I am trying to get back into gaming and find some other way to make for some fun over the weekends or week days with friends via our electronic links.

I think I will probably use the rules as written for some generics NPCs (you know the goon squads or the basic merchants or the traveling hobo the players may run across). I might go through the whole rolling up some NPCs as if they were characters for my "Star NPCs" that I want in the campaign with maybe emphasis on certain skills depending on the need as I am drafting the campaign.

This is the hardest part I think of any TTRPG. Is coming up with some good non-players to fill out the world. It was nice in V2.0 for GDW to come up with some stock character types for GMs to photo copy and use. Still it would have been more interesting if they found a way to have some better way or even a quick worksheet, NPC character sheet to create some more indepth NPCs.
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