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As soon as i can get a chance i'll post a URL to where i keep some of the PDFs so you can take a look at them. they are pretty simple. i can post a sample of a few characters i had created for fun.

Originally Posted by Jester1-1

Good to see there is some interest. I kind of figured you might be interested from all the work you have put in on this site with the Morrow Project. Some very interesting and GM helpful writing and drawings.

As far as rules go, I do not own any of the D20 or D&D products, although I have participated as a player in a few D&D campaigns over the years.

I have access to the Phoenix project Rules I downloaded here,

The Basic Role playing System (BRP) used by the Call of Cthulhu game.

Harnmaster (I don't have gunmaster gold )

Rolemaster with the firearms rules (although I have not trotted this complicated system out in years)

GURPS Lite free download

Blue Planet

What sort of PDF;'s do you have available. Keep in mind it has been my experience that with Play By post a simpler system keeps things from bogging down too much and allows the adventure to progress.

Do you think we can find a few others interested in the Morrow project to join up? I assume you'd like to play the members of a Recon team...?
What type of character are you interested in?

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