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Nice work!

A few things I see Canadian Army-

187th IB was listed in the v1 US Army Vehicle Guide as part of the 43rd ID. I realize that its Cold War mission was to reinforce the Iceland garrison. (We kept it in 43rd ID for the stuff we're working on).

I also reinforced the USAF garrison with the 106th Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Wing headquarters, the 507th Tactical Fighter Group with a squadron (the 465th) of F-16s, the 78th Aerial Refuelling Squadron with KC-10s (providing refueling support on the North Atlantic air bridge and for tactical operations in the Norwegian Sea) and the 965th Airborne Warning and Control Squadron (with 5 E-3 AWACS providing support for operations to the North and East).

There might also be some more USN P-3s, probably from the Navy Reserves. Keflavik is well placed to support ASW operations in all directions!

I find the Bragi-class boats interesting. Do you know what their previous USN hull numbers were? - I thought the US had disposed of all of them (or disarmed them and converted them to training or research roles) by the late 80s.
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