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Default Prime Base Repairman Part III

"A) Is there a church or even an area for multi-use worship in Prime Base? If not, there should be. Maybe the civic center can be used this way. If not, put such a room in the additional life cyclinder. It can replace the civic center or the hospital, both of which need not be repeated in the new spaces."

Good idea. I would see the civic center being used for worship if you go for a 3-cylinder base. Going with a 4-cylinder base, replacing the civic center totally in the new cylinder. As for what replaces the hospital in the 4th cylinder?

"B) Why are the archives in the Base. They should be in the Annex. Its not like anything here is useful for the mission of the Base. I made the archives vault a large nitrogen-filled room over in the annex tunnel. If the players ever get in there, they will find the bodies of the archivists inside."

Its a good point. This material, while essential for Humanity, really has no purpose for the Project. It doesn't need to be in Prime Base for this reason, the annex is an excellent storage place.

"C) The Mission Annex is a great idea. Here is my problem with it as it was written. Why does it open onto the ridge line? Like somebody could build an airport up there. Like people would want to build communities on a rock with very limited access to resources. The Annex should open up to the desert floor. Logistical access to the rest of the world is pretty decent from the desert. There is lots of flat space to build a decent runway at the foot of the mountains. There is room to set up limited agriculture at the foot of the mountains. The water is at the bottom of the hills, not on the ridge line. All in all, I'd build the major colony at the entrance to the valley, where the streams exist the mountains. The construction of Pahute Place can still be up in the hills, since that could have been started with materials from the children's hospital and salvage. Construction of the colony up there would also have revealed less of the Base's assets right away."


"The armory, except for the ready use material, should be stored in the Annex. The weapons should be stored as they are, the ammunition should be in sprinklered magazines."

I would even go so far as to have an additional leg dug at right angles to the annex, placing the ammunition magazines as far as possible from Prime Base and placing several sets of blast doors in between.

"I again screwed with the heliport. The Annex tunnel has a narrow gauge railroad in it. This leads into all the annex caves by the use of sidings. The Annex tunnel leads straight to the heliport, out the great big doors, into the disused quarry, down the valley and to the old mining camp. The idea was that this would be the main link to the new colony. The trams are large enough to handle the biggest pieces in storage. This method also prevents any break in from the base from the Annex. The Annex is a dead end. The level with the heliport now becomes a nexus of transportation for the entire base, so Post Two gets moved in here."

Still not sure how this works out, I'm still debating a few issues, such as survivors having access to any part of Prime.

"By moving the Annex, both deeper and more towards the end of the ridge, you can put the bomb where the ridge meets the mountain. The resulting crater now makes the ridge an island once the vally floods. Now have the players fry to get there."

Now this is just plain cruel!

"D) The firefighting and prevention stuff for the base is very minimal. There should be sprinklers in all rooms (either Halon or water). There needs to be a second fire station. There needs to be little fire/first aid and rescue equipment lockers all over the place. Go to any big industrial complex and take a look at the stations they have for their Emergency Squads. At the very least there should be three of these per level and one at each levl of the transcore. They should have a set of confined space entry gear, Scabs, fire extinguishers, forcible entry tools, fire hoses, a fire hydrant, HAZMAT spill materials, etc., etc., etc. (there should also be some type of lighting equipment plus portable genetrators). All the doors should be rated for at least 2 hours under fire conditions. Individual sections of the base should be capable of being sealed off in case of fire. Certain sections should be designated as fire refuges where people can close themselves off from the heat and smoke of a fire. Some large buildings have these features. It saves lives. This thing about the base being a giant airflow is silly. It makes no sense.Each cylinder should be capable of being isolated, at the very least. Each floor or even various sections should be capable of being isolated. Fire doors should be widely used. The air should travel through ducting, either between floors or between the interior walls of the cylinders and its actual structural skin. Pipes and other utilities have to be run the same way. The one big air loop makes no sense. The draft were the air is being forced out of the cleaners must be really amazing and don't stand anywhere near the intakes with less than $50.00 worth in Mexican change in your pockets! This leads to an interesting alternate for the Final Deception. The Base personnel didn't just burn some papers on level one, they turned off the sprinklers, threw some flammable solvent and stacks of papers in and top it off with some O2 bottles and a detonator. When the PCs break in they find the entire upper level totally burnt out, except for one transcore, where the nuclear material shtick going."

Gotta agree with this, its well thought out and fills in several critical gaps in the design of Prime Base.

"E) There should be almost no radiation in Hidden Valley. Here is the deal, radiation from nuclear weapons will disappear from the environment in two ways. The first is through radioactive decay. We all know how this works, with half lives and daughter products and what not. The other way is through a process called weathering. Decay will operate on a scale notable to players. By the time of the wake up, all the short-lived stuff will be long gone. This will still leave a pretty big count of longer lived material (Strontium-90). Weathering is a different process. It part of erosion and similar natural processes. The Hidden Valley environment, with huge amounts of rain and subsequent erosion will weather very rapidly. The good side is that the background in the valley will be pretty normal. However, I would recommend not eating anything that was feeding at the bottom of the lake. This is were all the radioactives will get weathered to and they will become a hot layer of sediment. This still should not be too terrible, except for biological systems that concentrate various radio active materials. Needless to say, NO SCUBA DIVING!!!!!"

From what I have been able to research on this, he's on the ball.

"F) Remove the diving board from the 8 foot deep pool. After the first three people broke their necks diving into 8 feet of water, they would probably have taken it down."

No arguments here!

"G) The ramp in the Support Cylinder has a track for the narrow gauge tram. The tram lines also run through the two lower sets of inter cylinder passageways. This allows better logistics."

Good point, concur!
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