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Originally Posted by Adm.Lee View Post
A thought struck me: Have you given any thought (research) to modeling the train from "Going Home"? And might that appear in a post someday?

I haven't looked in the module for a while, but I'm sure there's some technical info on the locomotive, enough to look around the Web to see if someone's produced a model of it.

Off the top of my head, it was a 2-8-2, and I recall from some of my father's railfan magazines that Poland keeps (kept?) a few steamers in operation. One of his friends made the trip to operate such a locomotive within the last decade. Given that, I'm pretty sure there's a model floating around out there. HO scale is 20mm, and N scale = 6mm, right?
The module calls it a Pt-47 2-8-2, which is a PKP class Pt47 (no hyphen). It's a standard-gauge 2-8-2 that masses 93.8 tonnes empty and 104.2 tonnes fully loaded, and has a maximum speed of 110 km/h (and can reach that speed with a consist of 600 tonnes). 180 were built between 1948-1951, and the last was retired in 1988. There were two primary tender families for the Pt47, and both make the train heavier than it is in Going Home. It's either 196.65 tons or 200.73 tons (the newer tender carries more fuel and water, and is thus heavier). The capacities for both water and coal are off - Going Home says it carries 32,000 liters, but the three primary tenders classes were 33, 34, or 27 thousand (the version with the automatic stoker, like Korzub, could only carry 27,000 liters), and the coal capacity was 17 tons, not 9 tons. Also, it's kind of hilarious that the adventure refers to it as a light train, since the Ty2, Ty5, and OI49 all weighed less full than the Pt47 did empty.

One thing lacking from the FF&S rules is a way to build rail vehicles. From what I've been able to find, an article was proposed for Challenge at some point, but was rejected for not being detailed enough. While I have an interest in trains, I don't know enough about them from a technical perspective to write up a design sequence.
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