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Default Nano Diamond Batteries/ Nuclear Decay Batteries

Hi Long time lurker here. Something I am doing and will future do is to move away from fusion powered vehicles to Nuclear Diamond Batteries or also known as Nuclear Decay Batteries. I saw an article not long ago that said there is a Cali based company that is starting the process of using Carbon 14 waste and turning it into a diamond, a radioactive diamond. It is then encased in a coating of Carbon 12 and then through various processes becomes a battery. These batteries then have the potential to last hundreds if not thousands of years. They are scale able and can be eventually recycled through their processes to be reused. The batteries being made of diamond are virtually indestructible. I rest the time lines in a game and decided to run Morrow vehicles on this idea. A vehicle could run for its "designed" life or until such time it is destroyed or the GM takes it away. In the case the team loses the vehicle the battery can be salvaged and put to other uses. I also loved your post here about the portable nuclear power plants. Definitely will be using that idea for a future campaign or story line/arc. Here is the link to the battery company if anyone is interested. Any of these I could see The Morrow Project jumping on or utilizing.
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