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Originally Posted by RN7 View Post
I like to use settings from Cyberpunk 2020, Transhuman Space and even Space 1889 in my version of 2300AD.

I've always found that canon 2300AD overlooked colonisation of the Solar System, and lacks any detailed information about the other planets and orbital activity with the exception of the Beanstalk and the L-5 colony, and some references to a few small outposts on Luna, Mars and Mercury. 2020 and Transhuman Space have a great deal of information about the other planets, orbital colonies, and helium mining which can be easily fused with 2300AD.
In my 2300ad the Sol System is one of the heaviest colonized areas in all of Human explored space, and it's part of the 'Teir system' that is used to classify just how powerful a country is... it's why there is a MAJOR difference in the planetary, stellar and interstellar powers in the game.

you have alot of countries still 'bound' to the Earth since they don't have their own ability to go into space. then you have the stellar powers, countries who have colonial assets only in the Sol system. the minor interstellar powers have only a few extra-solar colonial assets, while the major interstellar powers have more colonial pocessions. of course my campaign has alot more colonies located on the various planets (Neubayern and Dunkelheim both for example have three or more German colonies each). And there are worlds that have been surveyed for colonization that have the prelim settlement facilities that are used to give 'springboards' for future colonization.

i've been working on nomenclature for the various stages of colonization, but stillhaven't come up with a good name for the prelim stage that comes between survey and actual colonization.
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