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While the original 2300AD game does get a few things wrong, especially radiating heat and detection ranges, space combat is possible. Remember that within the .01 G threshold (about the asteroid belt in the Sol system) drive efficiency drops to sub-light speeds. This means that it is possible to target other ships with lasers and near light speed weapons such as particle beams and stutterwarp drive missiles. Once a ship moves into the .10 G well than far slower weapons can be used such as railguns, reaction drive missiles and the like.

Deep space combat at above light speed is not possible as the lasers could not catch the target and detection would be near impossible by standard means. There are a few older Challenge Magazine articles that introduce techniques for tracking FTL ships using residual stutterwarp echos but this remains difficult. There are also abundant fan generated discussions concerning combat with stutterwarp ships. Most of these assume that the human warships make use of x-ray lasers which have longer ranges and require smaller focal arrays. Also, given the inherent uncertainty associated with a working stutterwarp drive targeting a specific portion of a warping vessel is extremely difficult. Of course once a vessel is damaged enough to cease warping or enters a .10 G threshold, well than Bob's your uncle, and you can paste the sorry sod.

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