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Default Registered users now have access to my gaming site.

Recently I realized that many new users were unaware of my gaming site.

I modified it's access restrictions to allow registered users of the forum to access the site's advanced functions. This was somthing I originally planned to do but RPGhost died to quickly to implement. This was delayed longer than I expected because once you launch modifications are harder to make.

I did discard the old user base in favor of this one so if you did register before you will have to adjust your measurement settings. To do this go the the "Settings" page and chose Metric/Imperial/ Etc.

I added a link to the nav bar or as always you can click the HMMWV (top right).

For our new users I have neat Map and the beginning of what I hope eventually to be the best Modern Rpg Equipment database. Currently I mostly have kits but hopefully you can see the direction I am going.

More will be coming this year but stupid work keeps getting in the way. Hope you guys enjoy it.

P.S. Oh if you guys find any bugs let me know.
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