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Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
Don't forget there's a very strong expansionist NA presence, with airpower just over the state border in the Ozarks. Not to mention the probability of desertions. It's also probable the 49th contains NA sympathisers and agents (just like all US units) which will be willing, and able to worth from within to further the NA's aims.
This I am gonna have to disagree: While on the whole, there might be something to what you say, and in some cases be spot on, this a is a case where your knowledge base puts you in the position I would be in if I was talking about things certain Aussie units would or wouldn't do.

The 49th is a Texan Unit. Not Texan as in, Based out of, but made up of Texans who view the Division as part of the greater whole of the US Army System only because they have to be - if they had their way (And the money to pay for it all) they would be a pure Texan Militia under no one's control other than the Governor. They believe they are the successors of all the Texan Units that date all the way back to when Texas was its own country, and before. And not as a Eastern Texas, or panhandle, or any of that, every time I dealt with them they was very strong on the Texan Unity Here to Serve and Defend All of Texas regardless sort of mentality.

If there is any unit in the entire US that views itself as a state militia more than a reserve for the Active Army more than the 49th - I don't know what it would be.

Yes, there might be a handful of NA folks in it. Yes, there would be desertions, but not to the degree that would be seen in other more adhoc units built up by combining various units from various states (the 49th Armoured is the *only* Armoured Division in the USANG that is solely made up of Texan Units) with the expected results in cohesion (IE, That SC NG General is sacrificing the Georgian units because he is trying to keep *his* states people intact... blah blah blah).
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