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Off the top of my head and remember that this is what I recall from the 1990s so cross-checking is probably needed : -

Western Australia

16 Battalion, RWAR, Infantry
HQ, Support/admin/etc. & B Coy - Irwin Barracks, Karrakatta, Perth
A Coy - Geraldton
C Coy - Kalgoorlie, (my last unit) was in transition from understrength Company to overstrength Reconnaissance Platoon. This would have been complete by the mid-90s
Support Coy included 81mm mortars and 7.62mm SFMG

11/28 Battalion, RWAR, Infantry
Now if memory serves me correctly, Targan was 11/28 so he would be the one to ask because I"m working from second-hand info.
HQ, Support/admin/etc. & B Coy (I'm uncertain of this) - Irwin Barracks, Karakatta, Perth
A Coy: -
1st Platoon - Bunbury
2nd Platoon - Albany
3rd Platoon - Katanning
I think HQ A Coy was in Bunbury but again, I am not certain
C Coy: -
I don't know but a platoon sized unit was based in Rockingham and I think this might have been the core of C Coy.
D Coy: - Irwin Barracks
I am not certain of the setup with 11/28 because at that time, some Reserve Infantry units were being strengthened with one Regular Army company

10 Light Horse, Armoured Recce
HQ, support/etc. and A Squadron - Irwin Barracks
A Vehicles included: - M113 LRV, M548 TLC, M113 Fitter's Vehicle, M577 ACV (no 76mm MRV from what I recall)

Other Reserve units in Perth at that time included, (note that I have no idea of strength, organization etc. etc.)
7 Field Battery, Medium Arty, at Irwin Barracks (I think they've been neutered and carry 81mm now)
? Field Ambulance (don't recall designation), was formerly at the Artillery Barracks in Fremantle but then moved to Irwin Barracks sometime in late-80s or early-90s.

Regional Forces Surveillance Units
These are infantry recce units equipped in a manner similar to SASR recce units with vehicles suitable to the task e.g. Far North Queensland Regiment has a number of boats on strength along with their wheeled vehicles

Pilbarra Regiment
HQ and other elements - Karratha (main garrison)
Three Squadrons although I don't know where two of them were based. One was based in Mt Newman, one was most likely in Karratha.

North-West Mobile Force AKA NORFORCE
Main AOR was Northern Territory but but also the very top end of Western Australia (within the Kimberly region)
HQ etc. etc. in Darwin, Northern Territory
Kimberly Squadron, I believe was based in Broome with detachments in Kununurra or Derby (or both for all I remember!)
The other Squadrons were all based in NT

EDIT: There was also an RACT unit at Karrakatta and I believe another logistics unit of some description although that unit may have been Regs. Palmer Barracks in South Guildford, Perth, WA was a logistics base but I believe it was Regs rather than Reserves although I don't know for certain.

And in the 1980s 'till the early 1990s, 1/15 RNSWL Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment had all units based at Lancer Barracks in Parramatta, Sydney. This was my first ARes unit. After they lost their buckets and got wheeled recce vehicles, they established one Squadron somewhere else in Sydney. 1/15 still had 76mm MRVs on strength as well as a RAEME detachment. They also had a fully working Centurion as part of the museum (although it would have been somewhat impotent without ammo for the main gun)

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