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Default Still Running T2k at Gaming Conventions

Been playing it since it came out when I was in High School in mid-80's. Served in Army 1992-2000. Lived in and know Eastern Europe quite well too. Am the sole person running games at Origins Gaming Convention in Columbus, Ohio annually. Last few years have run these 4 hour mini games with 8-12 victims...I mean players:

2008: Crossing the Oder: 1999, rebuilt Berlin Brigade, flush with USAF/USN/DOD Civilian vol. is attached to Brit II Corps. Sent across the Oder river with Brit Armored Recon regiment to seize Polish oil fields............. YES! I said Oil Fields... Gorzow Wielkopolski... funny, the resistance stiffened up quickly when those 57mm S-60 and ZSU-57-2 and Mortars in them thar hills opened up on Brit Lt. Armor and up armored Hmmwv's..... it's not pretty!

2010: Trap at Hogweed Junction: US Logistics unit with fuel(yes, Mad Max style fuel tanker with one legged sniper), meds, and armored deuce-and-a -halfs ambushed by East German (gasp!) hostile anti-social ex-Pro-Communist marauders with yes, PPSH-43 SMG's (think doors get sprayed at 20m). One player correctly guessed that horrid evil boom from 300m away that kept destroying Mk-19 gunner behind the armor plate cupula was a PTRS-41 (14.5) anti-tank rifle.... (evil grin)

2011: Ran two games.
A. The Smoking Dragon: Brit Ad Hoc transport unit is sent to evacuate a leg-mobile Brit Infantry Platoon. Sadly they get there just after the shell-fire stopped.... strange mist in the air... recon troops drop from non-persistant NBC residues... "Gas-Gas-Gas" anyone? Oddly while picking over the site for survivors.... my...isn't that a BTR-152 and men in WP Gas Masks emerging from the trail? Battle ensues.

B. The Red Plateau: Libya, 1997. Yep, I planned this before IRL Libya actually happened. Soviets took over Libyan stored 1000 T-55's and other assets (think Spetznaz operation). They try to march on to Egypt and Tunisia. NATO (Brit, Aussie, NZ, Spanish/Portuguese) forces trying to dislodge the Soviets with their Libyan lackies. So this lone Chieftain, mauled, gets lost and finds a water well at an old Italian Airfield... Sov troops need water...bad... so they dispatch heavily protected convoy to get water from the only spot on the map... a well at an old Italian Airfield... Battle ensues... maintenance and SAS Land Rover involved. ;-)

I kinda thought maybe someone would be interested if I posted these mini modules.... dunno what do u all think?

PS this year I'm running another pair of games at Origins.... I'm feeling Southern Germany and Korea... :P Been researching all your German Territorial Army stuff, DPRK on my own too.... I'm feeling it.
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