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Originally Posted by Grimace View Post
So, maybe in my skimming I missed it....who were they fighting? What were the enemy strengths and units?
Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by Frank Frey
The two main enemy organizations are the PARA (Pan African Revolutionary Army) a loose amalgamation of various tribal militias and warlord armies and Junudullah (Soldiers of God), a radical Muslim group that wants to establish a Islamic theocracy in East Africa.
Originally Posted by Matt Wiser
Check the reposts of what Frank Frey had: an outfit called the Pan-African Revolutionary Army (PARA)-a group of warlords and tribal militias; a Christian marauder band from Uganda called "God's Will", some Technicals from Somalia, and a Islamic Fundamentalist outfit called Junudullah (Sword of Allah)-they'd be called Islamofascists today: they want a Islamic theocracy in East Africa and target anything Western. Frank mentioned they go after Western Female soldiers as special targets: I wonder what they think when said females kill their buddies?
BTW, great work Kato. I'd forgotten about that excellent discussion. Such an interesting location for a T2K campaign.
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