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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
I was not thinking about the damage, but about the possibility of the firing character make corrections to his/her own fire. May be (I'm only know v2.2 rules) lowering one level in the automatic fire task (losing less bullets in a burst, the number depending of size of the burst). Or allowing the character to add a bonus to the "to hit" number in the following shot just after a tracer, in a SA weapon.

As you've said, the major drawback could be lowering one level any observation attempt against the firing character. Or turn it to an automatic task depending of the visibility conditions.
I use v2.2 rules. For tracers I give +1 to hit with automatic fire after the first action of shooting. I find +1 is fine and given that automatic fire is 1/4 skill it adds a bonus without being overpowering.
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